Better Bellies

Pet Ade treats make it easy to get your dog the healthy microbes it needs.

Probiotics do for our dogs the same as they do for us! Simply put, they provide healthy bacteria and yeasts to support digestive and immune system health.

Better Health From the Inside Out

Our pets’ stomachs are incredible food processors. They convert the nutrients they need into fuel and get rid of everything else. Without a properly balanced gut biome, this complex processing system can breakdown and lead to some of the most common pet ailments:

  • Poor Gut Health 
  • Bloating 
  • Inflammation
  • Skin & Coat Issues (Itching, Scratching & Licking)
  • Flatulence (Gas)

Gut balance starts from within!

Pre + Probiotics Together = Better Bellies

Our patent-pending Pet Ade System delivers a healthy dose of prebiotics and probiotics to our best friends through a variety of products they use every day.

This convenient (and irresistibly delicious) system allows you to keep their regular feeding and treating routine, while also supporting your dog with a healthy dose of pre and probiotics each day.

Flavorful & Functional
Treat with a Purpose

These dogs don't know that with every bite they're getting an immunity boost, but they'll thank you for it!

Real Reviews from pet parents like you


We are really liking these cod skin treats. They're crunchy, but not messy. Murphy can't get enough!


Murphy's Mom


Bentley gets seasonal allergies, so this year we're going to focus on her gut health. PET ADE has made that so easy!


Bentley's Mom


Typo is picky, but he LOVES these sweet potato fries. I like that they're just one ingredient but also have the gut health benefits.


Typo's Dad


I've been using these treats to train my puppy and they work great! She loves the taste and I love knowing that she's getting a little extra boost of probiotics.


Piper's Mom


These are my new go-to treat when I want to show my dog some extra love. She begs for more and has no idea they're healthy for her too.


Missy's Dad